We’re Expecting!

This summer Justin and I found out that we’re expecting! It’s been so much fun to share the news with our family and friends – we’ve had some great reactions!

the Petite Greek - We're ExpectingMy sweet friend Katie from KVC Photography was able to help us document this exciting time during her trip to NYC and we couldn’t be more grateful! As new New Yorkers, I thought it was only fitting to use an apple to announce our little bundle #littleappleinthebigapple We’re already half way through the pregnancy but only found out the gender last week at our 20 week anatomy scan. Justin and I can’t wait to reveal it to everyone but first we’re taking a poll!

Up until we found out, we laughed A LOT at all the midwives tales and whether or not we thought they would be accurate. Before we found out he and I were evenly split – I was convinced it’s a boy, he was convinced it was a girl. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews on old wives tales but part of the purpose of this blog is to document life so here are the result:

  • Carrying high or low – high/boy
  • Shape of your bump: out front or all around – out front/boy
  • Feel of your skin: dry or smooth – smooth/girl
  • Moody vs mellow – mellow/boy
  • Craving sweet vs salty – salty (give me all the cheeseburgers)/boy
  • Cold feet – warm/girl
  • Morning sickness: excessive or mild – mild/boy
  • Pregnancy glow – clear complexion/boy
  • Hair: thicker/more body vs normal – normal/girl
  • Clumsiness – in control/girl
  • Baby’s heart rate – +140bmp/girl
  • Chinese gender calendar – girl
  • Headaches – yes/boy
  • Nail growth – yes/boy
  • Heartburn – so much YES/girl

As you can see, the results are all over the place. What do you think it will be?!



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