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DIY Maternity Costumes with Buzzfeed

If you’re following along with me on Instagram, you saw a little behind the scenes look of a video I was in with Buzzfeed‘s Playfull  shooting a few DIY maternity costumes. I had so much fun filming everything and Baby O particularly liked getting paint all over my belly – he was moving around the whole time! You can watch the full video below:

If you’re not feeling up to DIY, I’ve linked some of my favorite Amazon finds that are sure to get to you in time for Halloween this year.


While this was my first time in front of the camera, Justin has actually been a part of 5 videos for BF. I’m biased to the proposal video but my next favorite is getting drunk and doing sixth grade math. (Always making me proud babe lol) If you need a pick me up for your day, I’ve linked them all below!

*SO happy he didn’t get hurt during this one!

*If you want to skip ahead, Justin is at 3:48 😉

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? If so, let me know what you’re going to be in the comments below! If not, lmk what BF you liked best!

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