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Baby O Update: 6 Months

It’s so crazy to think that 6 months ago my life completely changed! Some days it feels like forever and other times I think we have so much time left to go. In some ways, this little blog of mine is a diary to look back on so I wanted to document everything along this journey.


I feel like I finally “popped” in the last week – there’s definitely no mistaking I’m pregnant in any form fitting clothes. It has been a big adjustment to this new body of mine; I’ve had several meltdowns when things don’t fit properly. Accepting that my uterus is now the size of a soccer ball has not been easy.

As you saw in my post with BuzzFeed, I’ve realized how much fun having a bump can be! Little man prefers loose fitting clothes than my non-maternity leggings and purchasing these maternity jeans were 100% worth the investment. I’m still holding on to the past by using the hair tie trick and a belly band on my normal jeans but it’s hard to beat the comfort when he kicks in maternity jeans!


I was pretty fortunate that the ONLY food aversion I’ve had this entire pregnancy is grilled chicken. Breaded, battered, whatever was fine but I couldn’t eat, smell, or even look at grilled chicken. Apparently this is a very common symptom that thankfully went away in the second trimester! In lieu of chicken, baby boy had me craving cheeseburgers (especially Shake Shack) and salads. I was also always down for ice cream or booba tea to keep off the heat!

TUMS have also become my new best friend. I’ve never had indigestion before so it has been a painful experience for me. If heart burn = hair then we need to name this kid Chewbacca because it has been intense.


YA’LL. I know everyone says real sleep doesn’t exist after you have kids but I didn’t realize it really meant, as soon as you got pregnant. Sleep insomnia is no joke people! I bought this amazing pregnancy pillow early on and can’t recommend it enough for new mamas. My sweet friend Megan, also recommended a weighted eye mask so I opted for this lavender infused one and now I don’t know how I ever got good sleep before it. Don’t get me wrong, I still sporadically have to get up and use the bathroom through out the night now that I’m this far along but they definitely help me get better sleep once I’m out!

With all this new weight, I’ve also started to feel it in my upper and lower back. The Body Back Buddy has been a game changer when I’m struggling on my own and for 30 bucks everyone, pregnant or not, should get one! My sister also loved having a hand held massager for her lower back and I’ve appreciated when Justin helps me out with those.


At this point he has all his body parts and looks very much like a mini human. I felt his little movements around 16/17 weeks which is pretty early on for someone in their fist pregnancy. Justin was able to feel a little bump around 18 weeks which was so awesome for us to share. Now a days I can feel him “swimming” around and everyone can feel his kicks (if they’re patient enough lol) when I’m sitting down. As a family, we’ve been dancing around the living room to all sorts of music now that he can feel me rocking and is starting to hear – especially the dog barks.

I’ve been using BabyCenter and Ovia Pregnancy app to keep me updated on his development and it’s been so fun to monitor how he grows. He’s swallowing amniotic fluid to practice breathing and strengthening his lungs which we were able to see at his 20 week anatomy scan!


I’ll be sharing a little more on this as we get it organized but living in a NY one bedroom apartment means that Baby O doesn’t get a traditional nursery. Instead we’re working with the stretch of wall we have in our living room to give him a bit of space. At first he’ll be sleeping in his Uppababy Vista bassinet but will eventually move into this crib and infant mattress from BuyBuy Baby. We’ve also opted to get this IKEA Hemnes dresser that will double as a changing table for all his clothes and blankets. Since we won’t have much room on top, we’ve also gotten this IKEA Utility cart in dark blue to serve as a diaper caddy.

Overall I think we’ve settled in an animal theme with shades of blue and gray (not surprising if you know me) and I’m so excited to see it all come together!

Cheers to be being 2/3(ish) of the way there!


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