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Baby O Update: 9 Months

Last week we hit the 9 MONTH MARK and I still can’t believe it; we’re so close to meeting our baby boy! In some ways it feels like a blink of an eye since my 6 month update and in other ways I feel like it’s been forever


3 months ago I was talking about how I finally “popped” but little did I know how much more by belly would stretch! I’m honestly in awe of how my body has adjusted to all the changes, including the constant rib jabs. The wives tale of carrying a boy “high” has very accurate for me and it definitely has it’s painful moments. The extra weight has taken its toll on my lower back but Justin has been so amazing with the back rubs and helping me get off the couch. 

Two things that have really helped along the way are KT tape and swimming! Pinterest has lots of tutorials and ways to help support your belly so I recommend trying a different way each time to see what works best for you. We made the mistake of buying pre-cut strips but would suggest getting uncut instead so that you can adjust as needed. Disclaimer: if you’re planning to walk a lot, I found that wearing the tape can start to pull on your skin. We spent a full day doing all of the touristy things in New York (including a self-lead the Heart of the Park Tour) and the weight of supporting my heavy belly irritated the top of my belly where the tape was working the hardest to hold me up. Nevertheless, for a typical day around the house or at work, I felt like it helped me so much! 

I also can’t stress enough how life changing going for a swim can be; even if you’re only in the water for 30 minutes – do it! We are so fortunate to have a friend with a year round pool (it was literally 30 degrees outside with a windchill when we went) that had us over so I could float around. My back was so relieved and my ribs appreciated being stretched out a bit to give us all some breathing room. Stepping out of the pool and back into gravity gave me a new appreciation for all the new weight and changes my body has gone through. 

Even though it isn’t always the most comfortable, my favorite part is feeling how active our little man has gotten. He loves to kick around, especially when Justin reads Llama Llama Red Pajama (watch out Ludacris lol) or a Dr. Suess book to him. We’re so excited to see how his personality will shine once he’s finally with us!


The heartburn is very much still in full force so much so that I just bought this giant box of Tums on Amazon and have no doubt I’ll use most of it in the next 4 weeks. My sister keeps reassuring me that it’ll go away afterward so I’m trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel! As for cravings, everything sounds delicious lately and I can’t enough. I still haven’t learned that little man is pushing on my stomach so I end up winded after every meal; it’s a love hate relationship ya’ll. Regardless, whenever I’m itching for something specifically and get it (i.e. booba tea), he does a little happy dance with me. 


Braxton Hicks were something I Googled more times than I care to admit. I heard mixed reviews and that I would just know what they are but that they’re different for everyone. Huh? I finally had my hallejuah moment on our hospital tour when I spoke to the nurse showing us around. I was telling her about the pains I was having during the lecture (something I was commonly having but accepted as normal pregnancy stuff) so she pressed on my belly and said “you’re having a contraction now” – um WHAT? Turns out when the muscles under my bellybutton felt tight, it’s a sign of a contraction. I had gotten used to my skin always feeling tight from just being pregnant that I never thought about it being anything special. So, that along with the wrap around back pain and occasional discomfort in my pelvic muscles were actually Braxton Hicks! Now that I’m aware, I’ve noticed that they happen multiple times a day, in different ways. I don’t always get all the symptoms or notice my belly tightening but when I do I’m reminded of just how close we’re getting to the end! For those of you who may not know, Braxton Hicks are considered “false contractions” that help your body prepare for the real thing. At the rate I’m going I’m expecting labor to be a breeze (TOTALLY kidding ya’ll).


We’ve gone through the typical stages of organizing and purging multiple times in the last 3 months (Marie Kondo would be so proud) and can’t believe we didn’t do it all sooner. All we have left to do now is laundry, washing all the bottles/pump pieces/etc., a deep apartment scrub, and finalizing our hospital bags. (I’m sharing everything I’ve packed in my bag (and Justin’s dad bag) on the blog soon so stay tuned!) As weird as it may sound, I’m so looking forward to doing it all!


For any of my friends that I’m connected to on LinkedIn, you may have noticed that ya girl got a job! At around 31 weeks I was offered a position as an Office Manager for a tech consulting company here in New York. I’ve loved every minute of it and couldn’t be happier to be a part of such an amazing team and company. I know most people would think it’s crazy to start a new job so late in my pregnancy but they have been so accommodating and honestly, it’s boosted my moral immensely. As much as I love cuddling on the couch with the pups, I missed working with a team and problem solving (deciding what’s for dinner didn’t count) on a regular basis. I know leaving #BabyO will be hard after my leave but I’d like to think that I’m setting a good example for him in that you should always chase what you’re passionate about!

Side note: if you or someone you know is looking for a job, let me know! We’ve been rated as one of GlassDoors 2019 Best Places to Work. There are offices all around the country and I would be more than happy to pass you along as a referral! You can find all of our open positions HERE


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