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What’s in my Hospital Bag

I’ve read a ton of blog posts, talked to fellow moms, and a few nurses/doctors to compile this list. I’ve broken it down to what I think are must haves, nice to haves, bonus, and boujee items along with some of my thoughts and things people have shared with me. I also included an extra section just for dad/partner. 🙂

If you have anything else you think I should add, let me know!
  • License
  • Insurance card/information
  • Birth plan – If you’re the type of person that likes to have things written down, make sure to have this handy but remember that things don’t always go according to plan and you should be ready to roll with the punches!
  • Hospital Registration – Our hospital said doing this ahead of time would be redundant so make sure to ask when you’re on your tour!
  • Contacts/Glasses
  • Prescriptions Medications – Think things like inhalers (the hospital will provide the other basics)
  • Going home outfit for you – I’m going with a dress because pants just aren’t my friend these days
  • Going home outfit and blanket for baby – This will depend on where you live and the season your baby is going home + mittens to keep them from scratching their face!
So technically, that’s all you really NEED because the hospital will provide everything you and the baby will need for your stay. The rest of this list is what I recommend as “nice to haves” to make things more comfortable for you and dad/partner!
  • Shower sandals – Remember, you’re staying at a hospital, where lots of women have recovered/delt with all the fun postpartum things. Don’t forget to throw in a pair for dad/partner if they think they’ll want to rinse off
  • Perineal spray – Everyone can’t recommend this brand enough!! After a vaginal birth, you’ll be SO glad you have this on hand
  • Robe – If you’re planning on having visitors while you’re in the hospital, this will help easily keep you decent and warm
  • Sleeping nursing bra – If you’re going to breastfeed, you’ll be trying to latch every 2-3 hours; these will keep you comfortable and able to feed on demand
  • Compression socks – To obviously keep your feet warm but also help with circulation. If you choose to get an epidural, you may be confined to be a bed for long hours
  • Maternity/Brief cut underwear – The hospital will set you up in thin, adult-diapers so I recommend these to make you feel a little more human
  •  Toiletries for you and dad/partner (pro-tip: I used my stash of hotel items for a lot of these):
    • Shampoo/Conditioner
    • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
    • Hair dryer/Hair brush
    • Face/Body lotion
    • Face wash
  • Extension cord/Long phone charging cable – If you want to be able to reach your phone or tablet from bed, you’ll be glad you have the extra length
  • Tablet
  • Camera/Camera charger/SD card(s)


  • Nursing tank top/outfit – If you don’t want to be stuck in a hospital gown you’ll appreciate something else to wear and still be able to feed on demand
  • Nursing pajamas – Same as the nursing tank top; you’ll also be glad to have some coverage when people come to visit
  • Comfy slippers – You’ll be on your feet after the baby is born as soon as possible to help with healing, treat your feet to some soft shoes you can easily slip on
  • BB cream – This is totally a personal choice but I feel like BB cream just helps me look and feel refreshed. I’m planning to be in photos and will definitely want something to hide the dark circles under my eyes
  • Mascara – Same as the BB cream, mascara helps me look a little more awake and intentional
  • Hand held massager – If you’re going to delay getting an epidural, your partner can help rub your back pain using this
  • Eye mask (weighted) – Nurses will be coming in and out constantly to check on things, having a mask like this will help you get some much needed shut eye (when you can get some)
  • Baby book – Things will be crazy but if you find you have a little down time, I suggest bringing your baby book to start filling it out. I know that pregnancy brain has hit me pretty hard and I may not remember all the little details so I’m planning to bring mine and jot things down as I can. I LOVE this book from Blossom & Pear and all the little prompts it has; it will definitely be a treasured item for us!
  • Pillows from home – The hospital will give you all the pillows you could want but there’s just something about having your own pillow that I think makes you feel a little more comfortable. As for dad/partner they’ll be in chair so anything to help bring a little more comfort will definitely be appreciated
  • Towels – This is definitely a luxury item but same as the pillow, you’ll feel a little more like yourself wrapped in a nice towel vs the paper thin ones the hospital provides
  • Extra bag – to take home all the goodies from the hospital i.e. newborn diapers, pads, etc. LOAD. IT. UP. Don’t be afraid, everyone does it and it’s almost expected 🙂
  • Packing cubes – Justin and I are combining our hospital bags so this is just to help us stay organized and grab what we need easily. He, I, and the baby will each have our own cubes for our outfits and our own bag for toiletries
  • Letterboard – Because, you know, Instagram (lol)
  • Yoga ball
  • Nursing pillow



  • Dog blanket – We’re bringing an extra blanket to wrap our baby in the first day and then have our mom bring it home for the pups to get a good sniff. They’re going to be a great big brother and sister but this is just one way we’re hoping to ease the transition for everyone


As for dad/partner, here are few additional things specifically for them:

  • Warm sweats + hoodie – It’s going to be really cold in the hospital to accommodate for all of the pregnant women along with a lot of sitting and waiting (with lots of support/dad jokes/etc.)
  • Sneakers – They must wear closed toed shoes if you have a c-section plus they’ll be on your feet a lot so you’ll be glad to have comfy shoes
  • Medication – They’re not the patient so the hospital [usually] won’t provide anything for dads so bring Tylenol/Tums/etc. that they might need
  • Snacks – Preferably ones that don’t have a strong aroma since mama won’t be able to eat until after the baby is born so don’t rub it in. BONUS: Bring some of her favorites to share for after!
  • Cash – Vending machines will be your best friend for all the little things you’ve forgotten.


If this was a helpful checklist, I’d love to hear from you! What was the most valuable thing you brought to the hospital or wish you had with you? Tell me in the comments below!

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