On Trend: Hair Scarves

With the weather warming up, I typically end up throwing my hair in a pony tail or bun for some relief from the heat so I’m loving the return of hair scarves for spring and summer. I feel like it dresses up any outfit and it’s so easy to add to your hairstyle! I bought a scarf off of Amazon prime for only $9 and it comes in 12 different colors. I loved all of the colors and went with a garnet shade so I can continue to use it in fall for FSU game days. I was also gifted a scrunchie scarf from my sweet friend Katlyn of Corporate Glitter from H&M that I love because I can just quickly tie it on and it stays put!

Garnet spotted scarf | Cheetah scrunchie scarf

Protip: if you go for the scrunchie, take note of how long the scarf is. I prefer a shorter one so that it cuts off before the bottom of my medium length hair. There are a few out there like this set of scrunchies that look like they would be too long for what I like on me. For those of you who like the headband look but don’t want to hassle, I also found a bunch of cute options like this set of scarf headbands out there.

There are so many ways to wear scarves for different hair styles and lengths to work for just about everyone. Here are a few other examples I’m looking forward to trying out soon!

Images found on Pinterest

1 | 2 | 3

What look are excited for this spring and summer?


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