Top 20 Baby Registry Must Haves

Now that we’re three months into parenting we feel like we have a better grasp of what we were so grateful to have on our registry and what we realized we didn’t need. We’ve listed our top 20 must have baby registry items to get you through the first 3 months of your little ones life:

1. Swaddlemes: Don’t get us wrong, we love a cute muslin blanket and Carson prefers to have his hands up by his head BUT they are 100% worth it. Carson is notorious for escaping blankets and even if he isn’t thrilled about the Swaddleme at first, he sleeps so much better when he’s in one. Bedtime = swaddle time.

2. Bath tub: Most people are fine just using their kitchen sink but we’ve loved having our tub for two main reasons: 1) he’s at a comfortable level for us and 2) it’s comfortable for him. The newborn swing holds him in just right and we don’t have to worry about him sliding around or bumping his head on the sink. It’s also a lot easier to keep hygienic than a foam flower or our sink.

3. Bottle warmer: If you’re pumping and storing breast milk to bottle feed, there isn’t a more convenient and quick way to warm it up (two very important characteristics for us). Microwaving isn’t an option because it creates hot spots in the milk and running it under hot water is really wasteful.

4. Bottle drying rack: Whether you’re pumping or using formula, you’re going to be doing some cleaning. If you’re like us and don’t run your dishwasher more than 2-3 times a week, it means you’ll be hand washing pump parts and/or bottles. This is a simple item that we use every day that can easily be forgotten over other, cuter registry items.

5. Hatch sound machine: The hatch doubles as a sound machine and night light. We love all the features, especially the smart phone connectivity. Within the app, the programmable settings allow you to set any color and sound combination, to create the appropriate environment. Bonus: you can also schedule these for certain times of the day, i.e. bedtime, to start and end automatically. This a must have for a good nap/sleep for your little one.

6. Air humidifier: This came in clutch with our winter baby and the dry air from having the heat on. Anything that makes him comfortable means better sleep for all of us. Win: you can use Vick’s vapor rub inserts for the day they get sick or lavender to create a soothing environment.

7. Boogie hook: Boogies are just a way of life these days and this little hook is the best at getting them out, especially the dry or sticky ones. The Nose Frida is great for runny or stuffed noses but this is our go-to for day to day purposes.

8. Overhead playmat: Everyone talks about how important tummy time is and our playmate has made it so much fun. We liked this one because it had real animals (vs fake cartoon characters) that we could speak to and black and white details which are key during those first few weeks. Carson loves his; we noticed a big change in his engagement and cooing once we started using this. The one we chose grows with your baby and creates a fun ball pit to work their fine motor skills when they work to put the ball through the holes!

9. Baby carrier: This has come in clutch when we were traveling and couldn’t use a stroller i.e. visiting ancient ruins. The one we went with is affordable, easy to use, and grows with your child – win/win/win. Considering Carson has fallen asleep in it every time we go for a walk, it’s safe to say it’s also very comfortable for your little one!

10. Car cling shade: This tends to be a commonly missed item but one your baby will really appreciate! These are cheap and easy to throw on and take off whenever you’d like.

11. Swing: Carson still loves being rocked to sleep and using a swing helps us give our arms and a back a break. Keep in mind that your little one probably won’t be using it for too long so you probably won’t want something that will eat up a lot of valuable real estate in your home.

12. Bassinet sheet set: The thing to keep in mind here is adding things in multiples. Add 2-3 sets of sheets and waterproof liners based on how often you do laundry. When accidents happen, you’ll want to be ready with extras on hand!

13. Bottle set: This is another item to add in multiples based on how much you enjoy doing dishes. You’ll also want keep in mind that they evolve. Now that we’re rolling into 3 months, Carson is drinking a lot more and needs a different sized nipple. We recommend 4-6 of the newborn stage to get you started.

14. Nursing pillow: I use our Boppy almost every time I breastfeed. It helps keep him propped up and keeps my arms from going to sleep. This was also great for traveling on a plane with an infant!

15. Diaper bag: I highly recommend splurging a bit on this because it will get beat up! I love my Lily Jane bag for 2 main reasons: 1) it’s real leather = durable + easy to wipe clean and 2) the insert organizer is amazing! Using it as a backpack was key in traveling with an infant too. I’ve also seen some people treat themselves to a designer bag like the Louis Vuitton never full tote and purchase an insert separately. Whatever works best for you, just keep your lifestyle in mind!

16. Echo Dot/Google Home: I’m planning to go more in depth with this one on our smart nursery tour but the appeal in this is all the handsfree capabilities Alexa has. From dimming the lights to playing lullabies and logging a feeding, you’ll be grateful for the extra “help!”

17. Wipe dry changing table: I’m looking extra hard at fellow boy moms but girl moms would really benefit from this too. We went for the silicone changing table to keep clean up easy and sanitary which is a bonus for those middle of the night messes – no changes + no laundry! The Hatch is definitely extra but we’ve enjoyed the added benefit of weighing him regularly and tracking how much he eats. It’s been fun to watch him grow!

18. Travel system: You’ll obviously need a car seat and stroller but I recommend looking into getting a full system. You can get adapters for most car seat/strollers but I prefer to keep things in the family. For example, we love our UppaBaby Vista stroller + Mesa carseat; the whole has come in handy while traveling with a baby.

19. Soothie pacifier: I walked into motherhood saying it’s a hard no on pacifiers until I learned more about the natural calming effects sucking has for babies. We only give Carson a pacifier when he’s over tired and having a hard time falling asleep (he usually ends up spitting it out right after he’s asleep). This is also one of my must have items for traveling with an infant!

20. Zippered pajamas: Justin thought I was just being particular when I was preaching about only wanting zippered pajamas but he has since learned that I was right. Trust us, you don’t want to be feeling around and trying to match up snaps (or worse, buttons) in the dark in the middle of the night!


Is there anything else you would add to the list?

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