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Target Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Toddlers

Becoming a mom has definitely sucked me into the Target blackhole and I’m not mad about it. Their marketing team gets 5 stars for knowing their target audience and giving the people what they want! Coming off of the holiday season I know some people can think it’s a little much to do Valentine’s day gifts but I get SO much enjoyment making the day a extra special that I say YOUdoYOU.

I’m a huge fan of their drive up system so if you’re like me and want to whip up something for your little one, here are a few ideas you can add to cart right now.


I keep a basket of holiday books separate from the rest and like to rotate them out. This will probably keep up the tradition of adding one new each year. (Llama Llama I Love You is a HUGE hit right now and I melt every time HE reads it to me!) I also try to think a bit out of the box for smaller toys that encourage being imaginative like playdoh and the kinetic sand to toss in the mix. I’ve linked a pack that you can breakout and spread across other events i.e. St Patrick’s Day, Easter, etc. Split them up by color that relates to the holiday to keep the fun going! (I also talked about making homemade playdoh on my 14 Valentine’s Day Activities to do with Toddlers and Kids that you can put in your basket.) Bubbles are always a big win in our house and Target has a lot of new, cute options that will last you through the summer. The Melissa & Doug pads are always great to have on hand in the car for road trips or running errands and helps keep screens at bay! If I spot something that isn’t overly Valentine’s Day like those pajamas, I’ll order the next size up to last us into the next year and can be a great pre-Valentine’s Day tradition!

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