Bumpdate – The First Two Trimesters

If you’re here and reading this, you should know how much I appreciate you! It means you care about our little family and what I’m working to put out into the world (and it’s scary to do) and I don’t think I could eloquently put into words how much it means to have your support.

Welp, after holding off sharing the big news this time, we were almost considering saying “SURPRISE, WE HAD ANOTHER BABY!” but it finally feels like the right time. 2020 was a weird year and it made us hold back sharing celebratory news, and honestly, this pregnancy has been nothing like the last time. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from my first go around and I’m working on posts like Things You Actually Need While Pregnant, Post-Partum Prep Made Pretty, and an updated What’s in my Hospital Bag and Baby Registry Must Haves that I wish I knew then.

Now to the actual “bumpdate” – we had been * hoping * this would happen all summer but it felt like the stress of life/COVID/an energetic one year old took it’s toll on my body with all the stress I was under. For those of you who don’t know, we decided to head out to Texas in August where we have a stronger support system and could get more space for our dollar while the world quarantines and our jobs are 100% virtual. Maybe it was the change in scenery but it did the trick! I had forced myself to not get too optimistic each month but after a moth out here, something in my gut said this was different and to take the test (vs waiting on mother nature).

Being as impatient as I am, I couldn’t wait for Justin to get off of the phone and decided to take the test without telling him. I first used one of the tests that give you two lines if your pregnant and a faint line showed up where it wouldn’t if I wasn’t – cue the OMGOMGOMGs and waving for him to hurry up. Ya’ll, he was NOT convinced. Which led to me running out to CVS to get a new pack of tests and used the ones that make a clear + sign. He couldn’t argue with that one. 😉

It was so surreal that it was hard to believe that this was actually happening for us. Unlike last time where I felt so confident and sure that everything was great, I’ve had an underlying fear that this is all too good to be true. Now that we’re 7 months into it, I still have moments where I’m scared something may happen but this baby is definitely going to be my softy because I’m reminded with lots of kicks and summersaults that May is coming!


  • SO nauseous, like couldn’t function nauseous and ended up getting a prescription from my doctor around 9 weeks because ya girl was barely living off of ice chips (Carson learned to say “you ok mommy?” real quick)
  • Being nauseous probably led to this but I was also really lethargic and light headed
  • Any stinky smell felt 100x worse (again, cue nausea) that I couldn’t really wash dishes that had been left for the next day and cooking was hit or miss


  • Survived a road trip from Austin > South Florida thanks to some motion sickness tablets I picked up at Whole Foods
  • Thankfully the nausea went away JUST in time for Thanksgiving and could eat anything I wanted
  • No real cravings for anything specific this time and not nearly as hungry as I remember being last time
  • Felt flurries really early and even Justin was able to feel a kick around 16 weeks
  • Have felt lots strong kicks and movements since – this kid is not happy there isn’t more room
  • Hiccups have started up towards the end
  • Heartburn it NOWHERE near as bad as last time but I still keep a large bottle of Tums on my nightstand and pop them at least nightly (any guesses on whether or not this means they’ll have as much hair as Carson?)

That’s my bumpdate for now! I’m heading into week 28 and have my glucose test to look forward to and regular appointments every 2 weeks until 36 + my third ultrasound. That’s definitely been one downfall to my experience last time, my OB in NYC was amazing and I was able to see and hear Carson at EVERY appointment. I know that’s not normal but it was always fun and reassuring to see his little heartbeat. Nevertheless, we’re so excited to meet you little one!

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