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DIY Maternity Costumes with Buzzfeed

If you're following along with me on Instagram, you saw a little behind the scenes look of a video I was in with Buzzfeed's Playfull  shooting a few DIY maternity costumes. I had so much fun filming everything and Baby O particularly liked getting paint all over my belly - he was moving around the… Continue reading DIY Maternity Costumes with Buzzfeed

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Baby O Update: It’s a…

BOY!! Justin and I couldn't be more thrilled to welcome our little man in February next year! My gut intuition thought it was a boy from day one but Justin was convinced it was a girl. We couldn't deny it at our 20 week anatomy scan but were happiest to know that he's perfect and healthy.… Continue reading Baby O Update: It’s a…


Moving Tips: 3 States, 1 Year

I know what you're thinking...what sane person would agree to not only moving two times in 6 months, but moving to an entirely different state each time? Apparently, this girl. Let me start off with some background; Justin moved to NYC to pursue his career aspirations with BuzzFeed in March 2017. The only move I… Continue reading Moving Tips: 3 States, 1 Year