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Halloween – Nursery Decor

I LOVE Halloween, really the whole month of October is my favorite. I cheat a little bit and put out all my pumpkins and fall decor in September and add in all my spooky details October 1. We spend a lot of time playing in Carson’s room so I knew I had to add a little bit of festive decor in here as well.

We also connected the Orange String Lights to Amazon’s Echo Dot using these smart plugs so we could voice activate the lights. To keep things simple, we labeled the smart plugs as “holiday decor” so we could use them all year round (like we did with his Christmas nursery decor).

I’m pretty sure I still have things in storage in our Atlanta home and really had to resist the urge to buy new stuff this year. For anyone that’s interested, I did my best to link alternatives to everything you see.

Do you like to decorate for Halloween?

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