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Christmas – Nursery Decor

Are you the type of person that likes to put their tree up the day after Thanksgiving or wait until December? Normally I’m ready to go on Black Friday but I didn’t have ANY of my Christmas decorations; we left 99% of them in Atlanta when we moved. So when it came time to getting some things for Carson’s room, I got all my Christmas decorations from Michaels.

The little pre-lit tree was only $20 and the perfect size for his room. Michael’s is notorious for having great holiday sales and we left with an arm full of great things for 50-60% (and even 75% closer to Christmas). I think one of my favorite things are the little frames you see – they came with 6 interchangeable pictures and are double sided so you can mix them up throughout the holiday season or spread them out! They also had so many cute nut crackers; we picked these two to drive the “theme” for his room. Justin likes to make fun of me for making everything white so it was fun to add in all the color for more playful feel in here.

We connected the Christmas tree to Amazon’s Echo Dot using these smart plugs so we could voice activate the lights. To keep things simple, we labeled the smart plugs as “holiday decor” so we could use them all year round (like we did with his Halloween nursery decor).

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